Book Review: The Animal Under The Fur by E.J. Mellow



Title: The Animal Under The Fur
Author: E.J. Mellow
Published Date: March 30, 2017
Goodreads Synopsis: Orphaned on the streets as a baby, Nashville Brown, a.k.a Kill Operative 3, knows better than to rely on anyone. With heightened senses and superhuman strength to survive, she’s been raised as the perfect assassin.

The trick to her success? Keeping everyone, even her best friend, at arm’s length.

Losing his entire family in the span of a year, Carter Smith left his ability to love buried deep in their graves. His only concerns now are completing his missions and effortlessly charming the next temptress to warm his bed.

The key to his accomplishments? Working alone mixed with a Casanova smile.

But when a deadly weapon needs to be stopped from falling into the wrong hands, the lone wolves find themselves thrown into an explosive partnership. Can Carter and 3 lower their guns aimed at one another long enough to succeed, or will their unwillingness to compromise end up destroying more than their perfect records? Whatever their differences, both agree on one thing—in the game of lies and deceit, the line between friend and foe is often blurred by blood splatter.



The Animal Under the Fur is a stand-alone contemporary romantic action book that would make you hooked from the beginning up until the end. I love that this book is fast paced; I could read it in between lunch breaks and whilst on my ride home.

I like the concept of the book because,duh, Nashville is who I wanted to be when I was a kid! Although I would prefer if that some “action” scenes weren’t that convenient or maybe they just seem that way because she’s an A+. But in spite of this I was still able to enjoy the action scenes because you could really tell that Mellow studied them thoroughly and was able to elaborate them well.

As for the plot twist, being someone who has read some of these types of books, somehow it appears to be a bit anticipated and somewhat predictive (but hey, this is just based on my personal opinion, others might not find it that way). This book is undoubtedly good , I would have given this book a 5 star if it had a stronger twist and a deeper character involvement and background history.

I am wishing for more stand-alone from Mellow. I am certainly recommending this book for you to read.

Rating: I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars for having a bad-ass female character and for being a kick-ass novel.