Book Review: Marrow By Tarryn Fisher


Title: Marrow

Author: Tarryn Fisher: 

Published Date: April 18th 2015

Publisher: CreateSpace

Goodreads Synopsis: In the Bone there is a house.

In the house there is a girl.

In the girl there is a darkness.

Margo is not like other girls. She lives in a derelict neighborhood called the Bone, in a cursed house, with her cursed mother, who hasn’t spoken to her in over two years. She lives her days feeling invisible. It’s not until she develops a friendship with her wheelchair-bound neighbor, Judah Grant, that things begin to change. When a neighborhood girl, seven-year-old Neveah Anthony, goes missing, Judah sets out to help Margo uncover what happened to her.

What Margo finds changes her, and with a new perspective on life, she’s determined to find evil and punish it–targeting rapists and child molesters, one by one.

But hunting evil is dangerous, and Margo risks losing everything, including her own soul.


AJ says: This book is somehow a bit related to Tarryn Fisher’s Mud Vein book but it wouldn’t affect you if you haven’t read that one, yet ( But I recommend you read that one, too!)

This is a story of Margo Moon, which lives in a “bad” neighborhood and other stories of obsession, insanity, vengeance, and her own sense of justice that happens along her way to drag herself out of her hometown the Bone.

Marrow is something that would carve its way to your core that would leave you dumbfounded and questioning yourself about life and shit. It’s an eye opener, which gives us figments of what is really happening around our society, the injustice given to the poor, the children being abused by their own parents, poverty, rape, lack of education and shit. 

Tarryn is truly a genius writer her book has their own genre. I loved that she always has her way in showing what’s on the “dark” side of love, how ugly, twisted and sometimes cruel it can be.  That it’s not always about romance with cheesy dialogues and promises, that it can be about something more emotional and something way deeper than what we can see. And I also love that Tarryn would always leave you thinking about its ending.

AJ’s rating:  I loved this book so much that I give it a 5 out of 5 stars. If you haven’t read this one yet, you’re missing a lot!!!