Affinity Tour: Air Awakens by Elise Kova

CRywneQUAAAgb1UThough the owner of this blog, has already posted her own affinity, I decided to just invade her blog and post my affinity here as well because I’m a lazy bum (don’t want to make a blog).

Before I took the quiz I hypothesized that it would result to me being a Firebearer and to my surprise, I was right. (Ha! I’m always right anyway). From Elise Kova’s book, I have concluded that Aldrik is the epitome of being a “firebearer” — a hot headed, impulsive, brutal, narcissist individual.

It suits me well because I can own up and admit that I am really impulsive, i’d go for a 8 months without buying anything then the 9th month Id go for a shopping spree every single day. I am also hot headed, I overthink things till it leads me to horrific results that I deeply condemn especially if those results involve me feeling powerless. I am also brutal, I am not contented with just spitting out hellish words, I want my fists to do some damage as well. Last but not the least I am a narcissist. I find myself enough to equal 100 individuals complimenting my works. However, to be condescending towards others is duty.

So just like Aldrik, the powerful Firebearer, I study and work out in order to own up to all the bad, people think of me. Just to show them that I can beat their ass with just gazing down on them. What Id do for a day with this kind of power? It depends. But id probably burn all them molesters, abusers and cruel sons of guns. (And establish power over all the powerless because I can).