Blog Tour: (Book Review & Giveaway!!) Wildfire by J.D. Wright

Wildfire (Everealm, #2)

Title : Wildfire 

Author: J.D. Wright

Series: Everealm #2

Published Date: September 1st 2015


Goodreads Synopsis: The journey through Everealm continues as new evil arrives, casting mayhem about the realm.

While war and wildfire are causing disorder, Bree and Rowan find that assistance from the fairies isn’t what they imagined. As Dagan and Sidonie seek answers to uncover the truth about her family and her magic, they are plagued with even more mystery to unveil. As the wildfire burns, who will be left standing in the ashes?

AJ’s review: I actually liked this book way better than the first book. Even though this book just picked up where Everealm left off, I could say that it had expanded greatly or should I say that the plot and its twist along with its characters evolved for the better.

There were few mind blown revelations that you wouldn’t expect but nevertheless making the story more interesting than it already is.  I get to know Breestlin, Rowan, Finn, Adelphine more in this book and I personally liked the development of Sidonie and Dagan. Also the involvement of a fairy named Rhea and Reeve (I wouldn’t say who he is) just added some thrill to the story. I have found another favorite in the character of Gabrielle/Gabby!

As for its world building, I could say that it became clearer and I liked that this story doesn’t just focus on two kingdoms like the first one, some chapters were from other kingdoms, and I can’t wait to hear/read more about them in the next book. I’m highly intrigued with what role those Labara heirs would play.

Overall, this book is a bit fast paced, which I really like, it also made the path that the story would be taking over the series clear, but it also felt like there’s more to tell, but there’s not enough or maybe it’s the book’s aim so it could be answered in the next book? But whatever the answer is, the ending of the book is something I didn’t expect!!!!!!!!!! And I’m excited for what adventure our characters would be up to, on the next book.


Those new covers are really gorgeous!!!!!

AJ’s rating: I give this book a 4.5 out of 5. And recommend this to readers who have read Everealm already, and if you haven’t read it, yet I suggest you go grab your own copy now.

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